Da Vinci : Casaneo 498 Watercolour Brush : French Quill

Da Vinci

Suitable for: Watercolour, gouache, calligraphy, ink, Indian ink & fluid acrylic paint.

The Casaneo 498 wash brush is a fantastic animal product free innovation. The bristle is an extra soft synthetic fibre designed to imitate Kazan squirrel hair so it holds a huge volume of fluid colour. It is also extraordinarily elastic which means that unlike traditional squirrel hair brushes it allows for precise painting techniques.

Click here to see this brush in use.

Note - If used with a permanent ink or ink-like acrylic paint please ensure to wash the brush thorougly with a brush cleaning product because if the colour dries in the bristles or inside the ferrule the shape of the brush will be compromised immediately or over time. 

Type: Brushes

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