Vallejo : Liquid Acrylic : 32ml

Acrylicos Vallejo

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Liquid Acrylic has been formulated principally for use with an airbrush. The result, a permanent concentrated liquid colour manufactured with artists' pigments and acrylic resin, is equally suitable for fine arts. The extremely fine texture of the ground pigments and the specifics of the acrylic resin chosen to avoid clogging the valves of an airbrush, give a very special quality to the colours.

All colours dry to a matte finish. The range contains 15 transparent and 9 opaque colours, including the four primaries, all of them completely lightfast and permanent.

Liquid Acrylic, besides being used in airbrushing, can also be applied with brush, pen, sponge, and adheres to all surfaces (plastics, paper, canvas, wood, etc.). It is especially apt for painting very fine details in miniatures. All colours can be mixed with one another, with Acrylic Artist or Studio, in combination with any one of the many acrylic mediums, for glazes and washes and pastel tints. A thinner is included in the range.

Once dry, the colours are waterproof, and allow the application of various layers of colour, achieving an extraordinary depth of tonalities.



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