Magnani : Acquerello Double Sized Watercolour Block : 300gsm : 20 Sheets


Magnani have been making paper in Italy since 1404 and their Acquerello paper is one of the strongest archival watercolour papers available to artists. It is 300gsm, 100% cotton, free from optical brighteners, internally and externally sized, pH neutral, acid free and chlorine free. This natural white paper is manufactured on a cylinder mould machine using exclusive Magnani suface marking felts which give a beautiful surface to work on. Of particular note is the ease at which colours are able to be easily lifted and reworked.

These blocks are highly recommended as they have had extra sizing applied manually via a gelatine bath. This gives the papers a performance equal to that of the highest grade watercolour papers.

Blocks are glued on four sides and contain 20 sheets of paper.

Available in three surfaces :

  • Portofino : Hot Press / Smooth
  • Italia : Cold Press / Medium
  • Toscana : Rough

Made in Italy

Type: Paper


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