Magnani : Incisioni Printmaking Paper : Ivory : 310gsm : 70x100cm : 10 Sheets


Incisioni is a fine art printmaking paper of superior quality, consistency and versatility - perfectly suited to any form of printing, but especially intaglio. Incisioni is a 50% cotton, 310gsm, white or ivory coloured paper that is smooth with a slight tooth.

It is cylinder mould made from a blend of cotton and high alpha cellulose using an exclusive felt design. Each sheet bears a watermark of the mills ancient trademark.

It's neutral pH and the absence of chlorine derivatives endows this paper with resistance against yellowing from UV rays, guaranteeing durability over the years and maximum yield during use.

Four deckled edges (2 natural, 2 torn) and internally sized only. The absence of any surface sizing enables it to take impressions accurately – ideal for the printmaker. Incisioni is highly recommended for printing techniques such as etching, lithography, seriagraphy, xylography and offset printing.

Available in a packet of 10 sheets.

Type: Paper

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