Wallace Seymour : Pigment Dispersions / Water Based : 250ml

Wallace Seymour

Wallace Seymour Pigment Dispersions / Water Based are a concentrated mixture of pigments and a water based wetting agent ready to be mixed with water-based mediums to create paint. 

Mix the pigment dispersion with :

  • Acrylic polymer emulsion to make acrylics & acrylic mural paints
  • Gum arabic for watercolours & gouache
  • Egg for egg tempera
  • Casein for milk paint

Note : Pigment Dispersions / Water Based do not contain any solvents and are not suitable to make oil paint

Pigment dispersions should not be confused for paint or a painting technique. They are simply another form in which pigments are available.

The advantages of using pigment dispersions when compared to dry pigments are as follows : 

  • Quick and easy to use
  • There are no airborne pigment particles to contend with, so they are safer
  • Dispersions provide greater brilliance and tinting strength than dry pigments because the pigment particles are better dispersed than you could do by hand, even with a muller
  • Because they are pigment concentrates, they give cleaner, more intense color.

Pigment Labelling information :

  • SP : Single pigment
  • CP : Composition pigments / Mix

Type: Pigment

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