Abstract Workshop : Lorna Ballantyne-Epps

Pigment Lab

Date:    Sunday 20 May 2018

Time:    10am - 4pm

Venue:  The Sheds : 30 Carrington Road Marrickville 2204

Price:    $295

This Workshop is for both novice & experienced painters & teaches a spontaneous, bold and fearless approach. Learn techniques for working with vibrant colour and avoiding mud & your own unique painting style. Be Brave & don't look back"

In this Level 1 introduction to Abstract Painting with Fluid Acrylics & Guoache you will work in a totally and exhilerating new painting style. Lorna will teach you new painting techniques in a BOLD, Spontanious and Intuitive approach.

  • Learn how to make marks with India Ink and Compressed Charcoal
  • Work with Vallejo Fluid acrylics and gouache pigments and their application
  • Create Several Colour Palettes on paper you can frame
  • Create a mini series of Abstracts to warm up 
  • Then move onto Your Larger Abstract Masterpiece

What you will learn:

  • Mark Making with India Ink and Vallejo Fluid Acrylics & Guoache
  • Colour Mixing to Create a Mini Abstract Series
  • Design and Colour Theory

What you will get:

  • Learn to Paint Several Abstract Mini Pieces
  • Create a Contemporary Abstract Painting

What to bring:

  • All Materials Supplied - But a full supply list is available here.
  • Your favourite art brushes - Flats and rounds
  • To pre-purchase an optional materials pack for the course click here.

Lorna Ballantyne-Epps received formal training in Islington, London, under the mentorship of Jocasta Innes, who founded the UK National ‘Paint Magic’ franchise. She studied Interior Design and Painting, and it was here that she became hooked on the magic of Stencil, Stucco, Marble, Trompe l’oeil and Furniture Painting. She soon became obsessed with colour and interior design! Lorna then trained in Australia under Coco Republic, and have exhibited works in Central Coast, NSW, Sydney and Melbourne and she also creates private commissions.  

Type: Workshops

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