Art Graf : No1 Kneadable Graphite


No1 Kneadable Graphite is a premium artist grade graphite product to use for drawing and painting. It has the consistency of putty and can be molded into a large or small drawing tool.

No1 can be used dry but is also watersoluble. Used wet No1 can produce a variety of light and dark shades.

Use a wet brush for watercolour effects, draw onto wet paper or blend a small amount of No1 with water to create a paint like consistency.

Always reseal No1 after use. If it dries out add a very small amount of water to the bag or container and after a few hours No1 will return to it's original form, ready to use again.

Click here for a helpful video on how to use ArtGraf No1 Kneadable Graphite.

Type: Graphite

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