Bainbridge : Illustration Board : 508 x 762mm

Nielsen Bainbridge

Nielsen Bainbridge all purpose illustration boards are traditional favourites of illustrators, artists, engineers, and designers. They are durable, rigid, re-workable, won't warp or bow and are suitable for both dry & wet media.

Not Press-Smooth : No 172

Durable, bright white, ultra smooth surface. Perfect for pen & ink, comic book marker rendering, line art, design layouts, acrylic washes, airbrush and adhesive films. This board is ideal for comic book illustration.

Cold Press-Medium : No 80

Rag content wet media board. Super white, medium tooth (texture)  that is perfect for gouache and watercolour illustration.

Rough : No 169

Rag content multi-media board. Extra rough texture, white surface, perfect for charcoal and pencil drawings or when any heavily textured surface is required.



Type: Board

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