Belle Arti : Stretched Canvas: 36/648 Linen : Clear Primed

Belle Arti

Ready-made stretched canvas:  Universal clear primed 36/648 linen with a medium grain texture.

Belle Arti pre-stretched canvases are a beautifully constructed product suitable for professional work. The canvas tension is spot and the surface is an absolute pleasure to paint on.



  • Canvas: Medium grain linen with clear primer. Really lovely grainy texture.
  • Depth: 21mm

Made in Italy.

Note - The clear priming is just a single layer. This is fine for acrylic colour but is not a sufficient barrier to prevent oil colour penetration. If you wish to paint in oils on these canvases you will probably want to apply an additional layer or two of clear primer.

Golden Matte Medium works well and a thin layer should be dry enough to paint on by the next day. The matting solids provide an adequate "tooth" for additional paint layers. In thin applications matte medium appears quite translucent, while darkening the canvas to a small degree, similar to a “wet look”.

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