Capelletto : Studio Easel : Multifunction


Cappelletto was founded in 1976 in Treviso, Italy by Antonio Cappalletto, whose passion and ability in woodwork has translated into the quality of the brand today. Cappalletto continues to manufacture, with high quality materials and high handcrafted precision, products essential to the world of fine arts

The wood in this easel comes from environmentally safeguarded areas, where new trees are planted to maintain the ecological balance in the region. By choosing Cappelletto you are making a responsible pro-environmental choice.


  • Materials: Oiled stain resistant beech wood
  • Weight: 12 kg   26 lbs
  • Base Dimension: 60×72 cm   24”x28”
  • Height: 122-235 cm   48”-93”
  • Max Canvas Height: 140 cm   55”
  • Max Canvas Weight: 49 kg   19 lbs
  • Shelf: 49×4,6 cm   19″x1,8″ (Capacity)

Made in Italy

Type: Easels

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