Conté : Crayons


The range of Conté Crayons are one of the finest hard pastels available, used by Picasso, Degas and Delacrois. The measure 53x6mm in size.

Flawlessly crafted high quality crayons rich in pigment. They can be used flat, broken into smaller sizes, sharpened to a fine point or chisel tip using sandpaper and its side for shading large areas.

Very opaque and works well on coloured & dark surfaces.

The range of colours includes rich traditional shades & new vibrant classic colors and 14 traditional sketching shades.

To use on cartridge & other standard drawing papers, stonehenge, watercolour & textured papers.

Tip : As a hard pastel they produce very little dust & are far easier to control than a soft pastel.

Type: Hard Pastels

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