Da Vinci : Artissimo 428 Kolinsky Brush : French Quill

Da Vinci

Suitable for: Watercolour, gouache, calligraphy, ink, Indian ink & ink-like acrylic paint.

The Da Vinci series 428 Artissimo brush is of the highest quality and is a truly unique brush. Highly recommended.

Made from pure Kolinksy red sable hair with a lacquered handle in the style of a traditional French quill brush.

It holds in an incredibly large volume of fluid which makes it ideal for mop & wash techniques but it also forms a long fine point that allows for detailed line work & crisp, sharp mark making. 

Click here and here to see the Artissimo brush in action.

Note - If used with a permanent ink or ink-like acrylic paint please ensure to wash the brush thorougly with a brush cleaning product because if the colour dries in the bristles or inside the ferrule the shape of the brush will be compromised immediately or over time. 

Type: Brushes

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