Da Vinci : Gouache : 37ml

Da Vinci Paint Co.

Featuring a non-toxic formula and the most permanent, lightfast pigments, Da Vinci Professional Gouache Colours are mixed and milled using the world's finest raw materials. Like other Da Vinci paints, it is made in small batches with trusted craftsmanship and uncompromising quality.

Gouache comes in several grades. Starting from the lower tier there is: student, studio, designer and fine artist. Da Vinci Professional Gouache is a fine artist gouache.

For fashion designers, illustrators, graphic artists, and fine artists, Da Vinci Professional Gouache offers an excellent value. While other paint manufacturers produce gouache in small, 15 ml tubes, Da Vinci offers this highest-quality gouache in a 37 ml tube size — offering artists more than double the usual amount of paint for approximately the same price.

Tip - Unlike other brands you can squeeze Da Vinci gouache into an empty pan or palette and it won't crack and look like a dry desert when it dries. Instead it remains juicy and easy to lift colour from. Click here to see the paint comparison we did.

Type: Watercolours

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