Da Vinci : Maestro Series 35 Kolinsky Sable Brush : Extra Long Round

Da Vinci

Suitable for: Watercolour, ink, calligraphy & illustration.

Da Vinci's "Maestro" designation is reserved for brushes manufactured using male winter Siberian Kolinsky Red Sable fur. These are top-of-the-line, high quality brushes.

The extra sharp needle-like point and longer tapered hair length result in faster action at the tip and the tightest snap at the point. Expect superior spring and control, plus unsurpassed water-carrying performance.

All brushes have plated brass, seamless ferrules. Brush hairs are glued into the ferrule by a dosing machine. Then the ferrule is filled with a modern component-glue. After the drying and curing process, all the hairs are firmly positioned. Da Vinci uses only nickel- and gold-plated brass ferrules, which are rust resistant.

Note - These brushes were made with the comic book market in mind and the extra long brush tip produces exquisite unbroken lines.

Click here to see the Series 35 brush in action.

Type: Brushes

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