Golden : Fluorescent & Phosphorescent Heavy Body Acrylic Colours : 118ml

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Fluorescent Acrylic Colours are intense, brilliant colors, produced from dyes surrounded by a polymer coating. Because fluorescent colours are transparent, greater intensity is achieved by applying them over bright white surfaces. Fluorescent Colours are not lightfast. For permanency, a topcoat of GOLDEN MSA Varnish with UVLS (UltraViolet Light Stabilizers) is recommended, although varnish and top coats will eliminate the fluorescent "glow" under black light. 

Phosphorescent Green is a Heavy Body paint that can be applied to various surfaces. The unique pigment used has the ability to absorb and store natural and artificial light. Once the light source is removed (i.e. when the lights are turned off or the painted object is taken into a dark area), a bright, greenish glow is emitted for up to 15 minutes. The glow steadily diminishes as the stored light energy is released. 

Both fluorescent and phosphorescent colours have a softer consistency than most Heavy Body colours, for this reason they are available only in jars or, for High Flow fluorescent colours, bottles.

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