Golden : GAC : Special Purpose Acrylic Polymers


Mix GACs with acrylic paint to achieve a variety of effects. See below for a summary on each product.

GAC 100: Universal Acrylic Polymer — The most versatile acrylic polymer. Useful for diluting and extending colours, increasing flexibility and film integrity, polymer for protecting against Support Induced Discoloration and has a moderate level of tack and gloss. Wets out solid pigments more readily than other polymers so is deal for artists making their own paints with pigments.

GAC 200: Acrylic Polymer for Increasing Film Hardness — The hardest and least flexible polymer. Mix with acrylic paints to increase film hardness and reduce dry film tack. Useful for adhering acrylic paints to nonporous surfaces such as glass or plastic. Dries to a clear, gloss finish.

GAC 400: Acrylic Polymer for Stiffening Fabrics — Dries to a hard, stiff film. Allows artists to transform lightweight fabrics into freestanding forms.

GAC 500: Acrylic Polymer for Self-Leveling Applications — Adds a self-leveling working quality, and dries to a high gloss with good transparency. Increases mar resistance, and decreasing dry film tack.

GAC 700: Acrylic Polymer for Increasing Film Clarity — The polymer of choice when film clarity and transparency is desired. It dries to a high gloss film with moderate hardness.

GAC 800: Acrylic Polymer for Reducing Craze — Use when puddles must dry with the same evenness and smoothness as when wet. Other GAC polymers will "craze" when drying, developing shrinkage crevices across the surface. GAC 800 dries with good gloss and flexibility but with moderate clarity. Also ideal for priming chalky surfaces.

GAC 900: Acrylic Polymer for Clothing Artists — Blend with acrylic colors to produce fabric paints. When heat-set properly, it offers a very soft hand and laundering stability. Caution — provide adequate ventilation when using GAC 900 as the heat-setting releases low levels of formaldehyde.

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