Golden High Flow Acrylics


Incredibly flexible, Golden High Flow Acrylics have an ink-like consistency that lends itself to a wide range of techniques — painting, drawing, airbrushing, staining, glazing, inking, colouring, lettering, calligraphy, spraying and more. They move effortlessly from airbrush to dip pen, from paintbrush to refillable marker or airbrush and from fine line detail to big broad strokes.

Click here & here for an overview of this product. Click here for airbrushing & here for use in empty paint markers.

Offered in a palette of 49 colours including four iridescents and five fluorescents.

High Flow Acrylics are fully compatible with Golden Heavy Body, Fluid, and Golden Mediums.

Sizes available: 30ml & 118ml

Popular colours include indigo, naphthol red light, green gold, the fluorescent range and of course titanium white & carbon black. The carbon black is jet black (with no brownish-tinge) & opaque whilst being very smooth flowing and works very well in place of black ink. 

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