Liquid Gloss : Glass Coat : Resin

Craft Smart

This product is a high-gloss epoxy resin that creates a perfectly clear glass-like finish equal to many coats of traditional polyurethane or varnish with one single application. Just mix, pour or brush onto the surface.

Works brilliantly for resin art with pigments on wooden panels.

Can also be used as a varnish and may be applied to wood, glass, terracotta, papier-mâché, tin, ceramic tiles and almost all non-porous surfaces.

Can also be used in plastic moulds to great effect.

Tip : For best results ensure the two parts are mixed together thoroughly.

Note : This product comes highly recommended by our resident professional resin artist and eeducator.

WORKSHOPS AVAILABLE: If you are interested to learn basic and masterclass resin art techniques and processes please contact us for details. Workshops are held regularly in St Peters Sydney & the Blue Mountains.


Type: Resin

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