Magnani : Pescia Printmaking Paper : 300gsm : 56x76cm : 10 Sheets


This range of cotton fibre papers has the distinction of being the first 100% cotton grade specifically created for printmaking by the Magnani mill. Made on slow rotating mould machines out of 100% cotton. All sheets are acid-free and chlorine-free.

The paper is smooth and supple to the touch with internal sizing but very little surface sizing, making it ideal for all printmaking processes. It is deckled on all four sides (2 natural, 2 torn) and displays a running watermark of the old CM logo.

Pescia is a favourite among those doing intaglio, messotint, aquatint, etching, woodblock, stone lithography, etching and silkscreen. Its supple surface is also ideal for all drawing techniques and should not be overlooked as an option for graphite, coloured pencil, pastel or charcoal. The paper is named after the town of Pescia which is situated in the beautiful foothills of the Tuscany region of Italy.

Available in a packet of 10 sheets.

Type: Paper

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