Molotow : ONE4ALL Acrylic Markers


Highly opaque, UV resistant. for nearly all surfaces and more than 50 times refillable – the sustainable ONE4ALL™ acrylic marker system.

Molotow One4All paint is UV-resistant and highly lightfast, great for outdoor use. The refillable markers feature Molotow's patented Flowmaster pump-valve that ensures a continuous ink flow for quick application.


  • Acrylic-based
  • Silk matt
  • Highly opaque
  • Permanent
  • Good UV resistance
  • Quick drying
  • Dilutable with water or acetone (1 - 3%)
  • For nearly all surfaces

Click here to see how opaque the Signal White Markers are. In all the testing we've undertaken no other white comes close for opacity and whiteness.

Click here for the colour chart and click here to purchase the paint refills.


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