R&F Pigment Stick : 38ml


R&F Pigment Sticks are an oil-based drawing and painting medium. 

R&F Pigment Sticks are an oil stick but they produce wildly different marks & textures than traditional crayon-like oil sticks. They are highly pigmented with a lipstick soft consistency that allows the artist to blend colours beautifully or produce uniquely textured works.

Suitable for drawing, mark making, producing a full painting, impasto & heavily textured work, encaustics, mixed media or just adding finishing touches.

There's a really good video here that demonstrates how R&F Pigment Sticks can be used.

A colour reference chart can be viewed here and more detailed product information can be viewed here

Size: 38ml pigment sticks measure 12.5x2cm and are available in a jumbo sized 118ml stick that measures 16x4.5cm.

Useful tip - Wear thin protective gloves when using this product.

Type: Paint Sticks