Vallejo : Acrylic Gouache : 35ml

Acrylicos Vallejo

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AV Acrylic Gouache is made of the best raw materials and high concentrations of fine art pigment suspended in a copolymer emulsion. The formula of these quality colours has been developed to create maximum opacity, purity and permanence.


All colours are completely lightfast, and dry quickly to a matte and waterproof finish; they can be overpainted within minutes. Acrylic Gouache has a smooth and creamy consistency. Due to their thixotropic formulation, the colours become more liquid when stirred or shaken and apply very easily, drying to an even, flat surface without showing traces of brushstrokes. They can be used on all surfaces, including metals and plastics.


The colours can be mixed with one another, or with acrylic mediums, or they can be diluted with water to obtain watercolour effects.


Acrylic Gouache is used in fine arts, whenever a totally flat, opaque surface is required, and as a poster paint in graphic arts, design and illustration. The colours have an ideal consistency for use with stencils and silk-screens. Painting tools are cleaned with water or alcohol if the paint has dried.


The complete range of Gouache Acrylic is available in plastic bottles of 35ml. with eyedropper, and in bottles of 200ml. with fliptop cap