Wallace Seymour : Extra Fine Artist's Oil Colour : 40ml : Series 3

Wallace Seymour

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Wallace Seymour Extra Fine Oil Colours is a cohesive range of premium oil paints formulated to the highest standards. The line consists of conventional & historic colours in Series 1 to 5.  The rarest and most unique colours are found in Native Earth and Bespoke ranges; Mermaid Egg Ironstone, Lapis Lazuli, Persian Yellow, Genuine Vermillion etc.

All colours are made in small 1L batches to ensure excellent consistency, using only the best quality pigments ground with English cold-pressed linseed oil, from a single estate farm. Cold-pressed linseed oil promotes permanence, optimizes drying time and gives a better flowing brushstroke. 

Paint fillers compromise the quality of paint and unlike most paint makers Wallace Seymour refuses to use fillers, extenders and drying agents. This means your tube of oil paint has the highest possible pigment load meaning greater intensity, clarity & depth of colour, greater lightfastness & resistance to fading, permanence and durability. 

It also means curing times vary according to the nature of the pigment. If you wish to balance drying times Wallace Seymour suggests the addition of 10-20% of a faster drying glaze medium.

Type: Oils

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