Golden Heavy Body Acrylic (Historical, Interference & Iridescent/Metallic) - 59ml


Golden Heavy Body Acrylics are an exceptional range of professional artist paints.

Historical Colours: Created to represent the classic palette of past master painters this range provides a safe & lightfast alternative. The Alizarin Crimson Hue is particulaly nice.

Interfence: Created for pearlescent and opalescent effects. Paint on dark backgrounds for strong metallic finishes. Interference Violet is especially popular.

Iridescent/Metallics: A metallic range with a distinct finish and texture. The Bronze is really impressive.

Sizes available: 59ml & 236ml. Black & whites also come in 473ml and Titanium White in 946ml.

473ml, 946ml and 3.78ml colours are ordered upon request and to view other sizes click on the "Golden HB" tag in the Category section below.

The colour chart is here and if you click on the colour swatch you'll find detailed information on the colour, pigments used, opacity, lightfastness etc. 

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